The story of freedom fighter Aurobindo Ghosh is rather unique. He began by stirring up Indians from a life of passivity to passionate action;
The ancient town of Muziris in southern India attracted traders from all around the world as far back as the first century BCE. Traders
Was Makar Sankranti always celebrated on the 14th of January? Why are some festivals celebrated on different dates every year while others have fixed
Kite flying is an inseparable part of the Makar Sankranti celebrations, a festival that is celebrated all over India in some form or the

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India is home to some of the richest temples in the world. Have you ever wondered how these temples came into such wealth? Here's where...

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Which are the oldest languages and scripts in India? Is there a mother of all scripts, in a land that is as diverse and variegated as India? What similarities or differences exist between the south Indian scripts, and do they have anything in common with the ones used in north India? The first of this two-part video story explores these fascinating questions and more as it traces the evolution of Indian scripts over the last 2500 years.

The Varaha Mandapa, a 7th century rock-cut cave temple in Mamallapuram, is home to many fascinating tales set in stone. One of the most spectacular panels in the cave features the Trivikrama or Vamana avatar of Vishnu, in which he defeats the demon king Mahabali. This epic tale also happens to be the origin story of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala.

When is New Year's day? Well, that depends on who you ask. For many in the north, Diwali is New Year's day. But it falls on different days each year. The Tamil, Malayalees, Punjabis and Assamese celebrate their New Year on 14 April. But the Telugus, Kannadigas and Maharashtrians celebrate their New Year on different dates. How are these dates determined and why are calendars so different for people in the same country? This story will you through time of how calendars evolved, how ancient Indians and people across the world measured time.

The Mughal succession wars were brutal; princes killed their own siblings, and family ties were broken in a mad scramble for the throne. The mighty emperor Shah Jahan was no exception. This is the story of an unforgiving system that catapulted Shah Jahan to the throne of the richest kingdom in the world, but reduced his personal life to a terribly tragic one.

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In human civilisation, languages evolved first, and then came scripts. The Devanagari script is one of the oldest scripts of India, having evolved from the ancient Brahmi script. It

Bheema Pul

This rock formation, known as the Bheema Pul (‘Bheema’s Bridge’), is near Badrinath in Uttarakhand. And yes, it is named after a story around Bheema from the Mahabharata. Towards


The Golghar (meaning ‘circular building’) in Patna, Bihar is a gigantic igloo-like granary that was built several years after the Bengal famine of 1770. Millions died in this disastrous

Open Hand Monument

The Partition of India in 1947 into two separate nations – India and Pakistan – was a violent and bitter event. Punjab was one of the regions that was

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