Every sight has a story to tell

Picture Stories

Explore these short stories about India.


Churchill’s trademark cigars were rolled in Trichy.

Pompeii Lakshmi

An ivory figurine from the Satavahana empire was found in Pompeii.

The Beatles in India

The Beatles composed some of their best work in India.

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

The Gol Gumbaz is one of the largest domes in the worldq

Hawa Mahal

The “Hawa Mahal” is a red and pink sandstone structure built by Maharaja Pratap Singh.

Raja Harischandra

Dadasaheb Phalke produced India’s first full length feature film.


The ancient port of Chandraketugarh had trade links with Greek and Romans.

Jadau Jewellery

Jadau jewellery has gemstones embedded in gold.


Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in India. The town of Tehri, the capital of the princely state of Tehri-Garhwals, was submerged during its construction.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s tomb was the first garden-tomb to be built in India.