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Storytrails was born with the idea of experiencing India through her stories; of taking our guests to savour the local sights and sounds, but through the eyes of a storyteller. Of going beyond the sights themselves, and uncovering the characters and customs that made these places come alive.

Storytrails is among the pioneers of story-based walking tours in India, and has been a top-rated experience for visitors since 2007.

Now, experience this rich content in a digital format, through our audio tours, short videos, blogs, podcasts, reels and more. We’ll take you through museums and monuments, and through the fascinating stories behind everyday sights, customs, and rituals.

Make novel connections between all the different things that make India, and take back a unique perspective on the country!

Come, be a part of the story!


I really liked the simple way they explained the various artefacts that we wouldn’t have understood without a good guide.


Hi, a great job all of you are doing….my son eagerly waits for the workshops….he is thoroughly enjoying it!

Poornima Shanker

Thank you. Anwitha now enjoys history like she has never done before and is looking for information online as well


We tuned in too, and Shyam said he appreciated the story very much


Wanted to tell you that Leah really enjoyed the sessions with you. Please do let us know whenever you plan for more such sessions. Thanks a ton


Was so curious and full of questions and information on so many things at the end of it. He enjoyed himself. I am so glad you guys are doing this