Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the trails or the booking process? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Using Storytrails

We are storytellers at heart! We like exploring those little nooks and crannies of India looking for interesting tales and once we find them, we like to spread these stories around. We tell these stories through our many videos, articles and podcasts. We like to meet interesting people with similar interests and have long chats with them. We also like to design creative outings and workshops for a variety of audiences where we use stories as our primary tool to create an enjoyable experience.

Storytrails is for anyone who wants to know more about India, her culture, her stories and her people. Anyone who is more than 7 years old can happily spend an hour or two on our website exploring all that is India. You can also download our app and use our audio tour to explore the listed monuments. Alternatively, book a walking tour with us and we will regale you with our unique tours and stories!

We conduct live talks / workshops / events frequently. You can find all the details about specific events at our events sections. You can register for interested events by clicking on the “Register” button.

You can sign up to attend / participate in any of these events after registering and paying for the same. However, all these events are free for our premium members.

Our Audio Tours are location driven tours which you can enjoy at your own pace. You can use these tours to explore specific monuments by downloading our Audio Tour app. Head to our Audio Tour section for more information. We also conduct theme driven walking tours. These tours are meant for a group of people. Our storyteller will accompany you on these tours and help you explore the culture and heritage of your city. Explore our Walking Tour section for more details.

Managing Your Account

Visit our website to enjoy our free content. Login to explore the premium content too! Visit our login page for more details. You can also explore our app hosting our audio tours or book a trail with us. Visit OR  to explore our tours.

Our premium content is for members consumption only. Apart from premium content, members can also access free events and avail discounts on merchandise. Please refer to our pricing section for more details.

Please check your subscription details. If your subscription has expired, then you will be prompted to renew the same. In case of any other problem, please drop an email to us at and we will resolve the issue!

You can manage your account in your profile section.

The “Lost Password” link will help you reset your password.

Simple! Head over to the login section on our website and follow the instructions!

Bookings Payments and Refunds

Head to our Events page and sign up for any event you like. Just click on the registration link and follow the instructions. You will receive the registration confirmation via email (on your registered email ID) as well as  Whatsapp (on your registered mobile number). We offer special prices for members. Non members, too, can participate by paying the specified amount. Once you have registered, you will receive the event link via email, SMS and Whatsapp.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for details. 

You will find all details regarding your events in your email / SMS center / Whatsapp. For members, you can also find all details under your profile section. In case of any query, you can drop an email at We will revert on priority.

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