The Temple of Treasures and Other Incredible Tales of Indian Monuments

Navigate the nooks, corners and gullies of Indian history through thirty amazing tales from the Storytrails treasure trove!

Who is it for ?

Children aged 8 and above

History lovers

Armchair adventurers 

…and anyone looking for a good story 



Hachette India

About this book

Which ancient city in India was ruled over by a prince from Cambodia?
What does a 2,000-year-old bead reveal about an ancient Indian settlement?
How did the slave of a slave become the sultan of Delhi?

Find answers to these questions and uncover many unexpected stories of remarkable monuments, astounding discoveries, powerful rulers and fabulous treasures in this book.

Storytellers and guides from the award-winning Storytrails take you on a fun-filled tour of 30 fascinating sites and sights across India. Explore events that shaped our culture and altered the course of history – from the decoding of ancient scripts to the arrival of new religions. Make novel connections between people and places across time, and gain a unique perspective on the country.

Brimming with unusual information and charming illustrations, The Temple of Treasures takes you on a magical journey through India’s past.

Cover design and illustration by Vibha Surya