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Once upon a Madurai

Once upon a Madurai

Join us on a walk through the ancient city of Madurai, and chance upon her stories; of fickle kings and towering monuments; of whimsical Gods and extraordinary mortals; some set a millennia ago and some of a more recent vintage.

  • Reporting Venue

    Outside the North Tower entrance of the Meenakshi Temple. Map

  • Time

    07:00am to 10:00am or 04:00pm to 07:00pm

  • Conveyance


test Testimonials

“Learned so much about the life and culture of Indian people. Every traveler should experience a story trail.”

Silkee Thieme

“Animated, engaging. Enjoyed it a lot.”

Sudhakar Solomraj

“I wish every city had a Storytrails. This was a wonderful experience.”

Tammy Runnels

“It’s fascinating how many old and secret spaces are tucked away in and behind the most ordinary seeming spots. Great stories and great storyteller!”

September Gerety

“Nice concept. Excellent storytelling. Enjoyed the new perspective.”

Deepti Dawson

“I learnt a lot about Madurai – the city I grew up in!”

Sachu Ranarao

“Excellent presentation in story! Lived in Madurai for 26 years but never knew the stories that have made Madurai what it is today.”

Ajay Jayaraj

“Attending the trail for the second time and still interesting!!”

Susan Jayaraj

“Great Storytelling! Really informative.”

Ganesha Sivakumaran

“We were guided through sights we would never have seen. Our guide was so knowledgeable and told wonderful stories.”

John Brotherton