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Stories from Mahabharata

How does one make sense of 200,000 lines of a poem, written many millennia ago? Take it in small bites, of course. In this series, we break down the vast epic, and tell it as a cluster of tales, all linked by a theme, and with no compromise on the beauty or the integrity of the original. Join Storytrails as we take you through India’s most loved epic, the Mahabharata.

  1. Karna
  2. Krishna
  3. The Wicked Ones
  4. Crucial Turning Points
  5. Gurus and Shishyas
  6. Bhima

Designed for curious minds of all ages (8+)

Price: Rs 2,250 per screen*

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Coming Soon
Age Group
Open to all (8 years +)
6 workshops of 60 minutes each
Entry Fee

Rs. 2,250/- per screen

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We did the Storytrails British Blueprints tour with Akila. It was absolutely fantastic! Our tour guide was an inspired storyteller and extremely knowledgeable. Fascinating architecture visits, tour of Fort area, all the major sights in North Chennai.

Julie M

We learnt more in three hours then we had ever learnt before and we had fun! This company deserves to do very well


Absolutely fantastic – coming back to India just to do more of the trails!

Suzanna Horton

The best and coolest way to get fit!! The stories made the already awesome stretch on the beach even more so. Never enjoyed history before this ..!

Aravind R

This is a great trail to help explain about Hindu temples and the customs and practices which happen every day in and around the temple. The storytelling approach brings everything to life and we also saw the Cathedral. excellent tour


If only we could give 6 stars! Unforgettable experience.

Amelie Sentin

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