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Priceless Treasures

Did you know that Shah Jahan’s Peacock throne cost twice as much as the Taj Mahal? Have you heard of the curse of the Kohinoor? Did you know that the Nizam of Hyderabad used an enormous diamond as a paperweight? Join us as we uncover fabulous tales about India’s incredible treasures.

Designed for curious minds of all ages (8+)

Price: Rs 500/- per screen*

This workshop is part of a 6 workshop series called ‘Exploring India 101’, you can book the entire series at a 25% discount here.

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Coming Soon
Age Group
Open to all (8 years +)
60 minutes
Entry Fee

Rs. 500/- per screen

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The guide was knowledgeable and clear. She was able to tell lots of interesting stories around the temple, what people went there for, stories about the different gods and rituals.

K. Byers Canberra

Had a delightful stroll through the alleys of Mylapore.The research that went into it is reflected in the stories they tell. I would highly recommend this trail.


If only we could give 6 stars! Unforgettable experience.

Amelie Sentin

Hi, a great job all of you are doing….my son eagerly waits for the workshops….he is thoroughly enjoying it!

Poornima Shanker

A poetic way to learn about the city with history


An interesting way to see a city. It was more fun than your usual guided tour. Our guide was a good story teller, friendly and well informed.

Brigitte Konradt

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