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He was abandoned by his mother soon after his birth, cursed by his Guru, humiliated and shamed through most of his adulthood. 

Is it any surprise that this brave, yet vulnerable man allied himself with the one person who offered him dignity and friendship? 

Join us as we tell you stories of Karna, whose generosity knew no bounds, but whose friends were few.

Designed for curious minds of all ages (8+)

Price: Rs 500/- per screen*

This workshop is a part of a 6 workshop series called Stories from Mahabharata, you can get the whole bundle at a 25% discount here.

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Coming Soon
Age Group
Open to all (8 years +)
60 minutes
Entry Fee

Rs. 500/- per screen

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Storytrails is a wonderful organization. I highly recommend the Bazaar trail as you will experience sights, sounds and smells that are at times overwhelming, but wonderfully so.


Thank you. Anwitha now enjoys history like she has never done before and is looking for information online as well


What a way to explore the little French Riviera! French Connections has blown me away with it’s the attention to detail and depth of research.

Rudra Narayan

Fascinating and interesting. A mix of fact with story telling. All made pleasurable by a most engaging guide. You couldn’t help but enjoy this tour. The time passed all too quickly. Highly recommended


This should be on everyone’s to do list!! I cannot recommend this tour enough. If like us you hate conventional tour guides but long to know more about a place then this is for you.

Chris and Sophie

Absolutely fantastic – coming back to India just to do more of the trails!

Suzanna Horton

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