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Gurus and Sishyas

The Mahabharata speaks of many great teachers who moulded the character of the heroes in the epic; Mentors who did not just teach archery and grammar, but taught morality and life skills as well.  

But what happens when the teacher and the taught are on opposite sides of the fence? Join us on this exciting workshop that explores the complex relationship between the revered mentors and their remarkable students.

Designed for curious minds of all ages (8+)

Price: Rs 500/- per screen*

This workshop is a part of a 6 workshop series called Stories from Mahabharata, you can get the whole bundle at a 25% discount here.

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Coming Soon
Age Group
Open to all (8 years +)
60 minutes
Entry Fee

Rs 500/- per screen

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The Jewelry Trail tour provided a window into the history, the craft and the importance of personal adornment in India. Our guide as always, was knowledgeable, entertaining and funny. Both my visiting nieces really enjoyed the experience.

Jann Rapp

The small eateries were carefully chosen, the stories were wonderful. We loved it so much we’re coming back for the other tours.


If you want an authentic, nuanced taste of India with a twist of historical significance. Then take a walk with one of the locals and hear their stories

Arri Ferrari, Austin

The best and coolest way to get fit!! The stories made the already awesome stretch on the beach even more so. Never enjoyed history before this ..!

Aravind R

Hi, a great job all of you are doing….my son eagerly waits for the workshops….he is thoroughly enjoying it!

Poornima Shanker

If only we could give 6 stars! Unforgettable experience.

Amelie Sentin

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