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Freedom struggle: lesser known tales

Did you know of a South Indian queen who defied the British a couple of centuries before the idea of Indian independence struggle even took root? Or of a stubborn Englishman who was determined to publish the truth, even if his fellow men did not approve? Join us on this workshop that uncovers stories of freedom fighters whose tales are quietly tucked away amongst the pages of Indian History.

Designed for curious minds of all ages (8+)

Price: Rs 500/- per screen*

This workshop is part of a 6 workshop series called ‘Exploring India 101’, you can book the entire series at a 25% discount here.

June 4, 2022
Age Group
Open to all (8 years +)
60 minutes
Entry Fee

Rs. 500/- per screen

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An interesting way to see a city. It was more fun than your usual guided tour. Our guide was a good story teller, friendly and well informed.

Brigitte Konradt

If you love stories, history and walking you will love this tour. A wonderful relaxed blend of stories, gossip and history matched to easily walkable locations in Pondicherry White Town.


Hi, a great job all of you are doing….my son eagerly waits for the workshops….he is thoroughly enjoying it!

Poornima Shanker

We loved it! It is a 2 hour story walk through the streets of Mylapore, where you also get to see and understand how master craftsmen create the exquisite pieces that get displayed on the jewelry shop.

Santo Moses

This was a first class tour! We have a British family history in Madras so getting to hear all the stories from the 1780s through independence was fascinating.


What an honour, and pleasure, to be guests in a Bharathanatyam dancer’s house. And see the artist dancing in front of us. And listen to an excellent story teller describing the sacred origin of the dance, the infinite nuances of the performer’s gestures, with their evident or hidden significances. I’ll keep in my memory the beauty of that experience.

Christina P

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