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British Blueprints

British Blueprints

Discover colonial Madras through the buildings the British left behind. Look closely at each structure and you will find stories of grand ambitions and unexpected revolutions; the hopes, fears, and ideas of the creators, as well as the history of this ever-vibrant city.

  • Reporting Venue

    Storytrails Office, 21/2, TTK Road, 1st Cross, Sriram Nagar, Chennai 600018 Map

  • Time

    08:00am to 11:00am or 02:00pm to 05:00pm

  • Conveyance

    Air-conditioned coach

test Testimonials

“Very nice, interesting and the story was lively. Thank you very much!”


“My morning was unique, a wonderful way to see Chennai as I could never design the tour so well. Even though I have been to India twice before it is only now that I know the history and story behind every building I see.”

Kevin Weekley

“A lot to learn about the things around the buildings.”


“Interesting stories, appropriate length and mix!!A wonderful day! The city of Chennai is filled with so many interesting and funny stories. Very informative and a lovely mix. Thank you so much!”


“Very nice trail and interesting stories and good scope! Will definitely be in for another trail!”

Janet Ryerson

“The tour was amazing! City tour would have been incomplete without these stories.”

Priyanka Mukherjee

“Thank you very much for a great and very interesting tour!”


“Thank you for a lovely and fun tour! I really liked the stories about both the buildings and the history.”

Antara Trillingsagar